Crafting an appropriate greeting to an an audience of unknown size and demographics is a task of much difficulty, as one must carefully provide enough material to prove interesting, yet avoid providing quantities that prove overwhelming. I have always found this characteristic of human behaviour deeply unsettling, as by the time I typically pick up on the cues which would inform most human beings that they have exceeded this margin, my audience has already vacated the premise.

Were it not for the existence of a very unique individual whom I will refer to as a near-perfect partial genetic duplicate of myself, I have significant doubts that I would have ever progressed far enough to be even remotely cognizant of my own capacity for communication. Although I am quite clearly communicating in the English language at the moment, the fact remains that it is often as alien a dialect to me as Sumerian cuneiform is to anyone that is not a linguist or archaeologist.

I do not naturally think in language, and despite spending many years learning to utilize it in a manner conducive to communication that is not perceived as unusual, I find it exceedingly tempting to fall back on old behaviours. As such, I cannot promise that my postings here will be of great frequency. However, It can certainly be promised that every posting will have a great deal of care and forethought, as that is the only way I can be certain of the trust I have in my own voice.

So, I welcome you all to the Missing Worlds.

Please do not get lost.