About Missing Worlds

Who is the author of this blog?

The author is D.C James MacKay, a graduate of Sheridan College in the Business Administration Marketing program. The author also holds a Bachelor of Religious Education. An avid reader and amateur historian with a favoured area of study in mythology and folklore, interests which have led to the desire to identify and define how the art of storytelling influences the learning process. In addition to this, the author has a love of science and technology, and a fascination with new developments and innovative thinking.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is to give voice to the author’s thoughts, which may take the form of reviews of books and other media, musings on certain scientific and technological developments, and other discrete elements of information that the author views as interesting. In addition, educational subject matter as related to the writing or creative process may make a frequent appearance.

Why Missing Worlds?

The name Missing Worlds is intended to evoke a sense of mystery and curiosity, for every book, and every film, contains within it an entire narrative world. Due to the increasingly fast pace of North American society, many people simply do not have the time to read, or otherwise indulge in entertainment media. In short, people are missing out on these worlds.

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